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Many patients find it more convenient to be able to receive treatments and see a specialist without having to travel long distances. We provide individual rooms for patient privacy and comfort. We provide treatments, support and comfort, just like family, close to home.

The Oncology / Hematology Department provides a wide range of services by professional nurses chemotherapy-trained by Oncology Nursing Society. Our physician specialist is associated with the University of Kansas Cancer Center, offering our patients even greater access to treatment options available.

The department is open Monday through Friday. For an appointment please call 816-470-5432 ext. 165

The Oncology/Hematology Department Services:

  • Chemotherapy treatments
  • Blood product transfusions
  • IV therapy
  • Iron therapy
  • Central Line care and maintenance
  • Injections
  • Teach patient, family and caregiver about disease process and plan of care as prescribed by the physician.
  • Offer educational materials and services provided by American Cancer Society.

    Through the personalized treatment plans, cancer patients have more treatment options than ever before, and more hope for beating cancer.
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